Is that even a thing? Do you guys feel it? Come summer Friday, I have this heightened fear of missing out on everything. Rooftops, barbecues, beaches or generally being frolic during the summer. And social media is effing not helping, I feel like come summer, it turns into a fire hydrant oozing photogenic moments of all kinds. 

For me, this fear also permeates into shopping habits. At the beginning of every summer, my mind is wandering around a thousand different online clothing stores, with a mission to find the right pieces to wear while the sun is out. It's a bit of a mess! But unlike the former, this type of FOMO always has a good outcome. This is the time I discover gems! I discover all the new stores that have probably popped up within the past year, selling the most refreshing, well made yet affordable clothes. 

OLIO stories is one of those this year. Founded by friends, they make the most youthful, graphic and contemporary pieces of clothing. what do I love about them? They come up with bite sized collections every four or five months. The clothes are affordable enough to catch up with the rate at which they bring in new collections. What more do we girls need?? I have more coming up from them, so keep checking in :)

Outfit Details: Dress - Olio Stories | Sandals - Forever 21


We wanted to come back and say hi!, because we missed blogging. We missed talking to you guys, all the fashion, shoots and fun. So we'll keep this one short and sweet. We promise to keep posting through the summer, so keep checking back :).

Now, on to the outfit. I feel like Zara can be a favorite place to shop if you can spot the right pieces from a sea of cheap looking, overtly floral "summer" clothes. It takes some relentless hunting and a lot of patience, but it's worth it when you find a top like this one. I let the cute top do the talking and kept everything else simple.

Oh btw, were you guys crazy about the straw bag trend that went on all of last summer?? We were too! I almost checked out my cart to spend over two hundred dollars a couple of times. But then, i travelled to Mexico and got one for 5$ and added some pompoms :).

Top - Zara | Skirt - H&M(old) | Shoes - Zara (old) | Straw Tote - From streets of Mexico.


Planning to open up a restaurant ? Launching a retail space ? Promoting your brand / business ? Well, do we really care about how good the food is and what you are selling? Just give us a pretty Insta wall and we will show up. 

From Refinery29's 29 Rooms event held in Brooklyn last September which had Insta fans waiting for over six hours, To the Ice cream museum that sold out tickets for the entire month in record time , Multiple deliciously insta-worthy art installations , walls and spaces have proven to be tremendously successful in drawing unmanageable crowds. After visiting a bunch of these insta-famous brunch places , night clubs and pop ups i kept wondering. Is Insta art replacing the "i don't get it" museums? is it a new avenue for young and talented artists? Or is it just a way to psyche us into thinking "that Matcha latte was delicious" , when in reality i dint really care about the latte but what i loved was how cool my instagram post was.

Either ways instagram in a cool way has replaced a bunch of different apps on my iphone. wondering how? Well , i don't really use yelp anymore to scroll through endless and irrelevant list of restaurants for dinner plans. When i find something delicious on instagram i just pin it. I dont really use Trip advisor for traveling , i just go to my favorite travel/ traveller accounts on instagram and narrow down by location. I don't really spend endless hours browsing through clothing websites to find the perfect outfit. I just find them on insta and inbox the brands. But i'm not sure if this has made my life simpler or has me obsessed over my glamorous never ending Instagram feed. You guys have similar thoughts? let me know in the comments below :).

Outfit details : Skirt - vintage from AuH20 , Plain white Tee - Brandy Melville

An Insta wall in Elvis Guesthouse bar

Museum of ice cream:

29 Rooms event - Brooklyn





Everyone loves summer, but its really hard to keep up your dress game when you are sweating like you are just out of the gym. Well,  the trick is to keep it minimal without looking like you are headed to the beach. For me this outfit did just that, it looks minimal and feels comfortable.And also they look as chic when paired with a basic tee and a pair of slogan sliders just like the ones i wore.The top! my solution for every outfit problem off late.Like they say ,'practice makes a man/woman perfect'.I choose to practice wearing this lovely top all summer long :p
 top-zara       shorts-h&m      sliders-topshop XOXO - vin&teji

 top-zara       shorts-h&m      sliders-topshop

XOXO - vin&teji


Gone are those days when Indian designer clothing was accessible only to Bollywood, and Lakme Fashion Week was only seen on runways and editorials. Indian fashion industry as a whole is going through an undeniable state of transition. Younger designers are coming up with affordable, chic and wearable clothes that won't make us look like we are going to a wedding. Major retail houses like perniaspopshop are out there for us to get our hands on them. Even better, find them on Instagram and inbox them your orders. 

One such gem was Aiman Armaan. Traditional exquisite embroidery on modern silhouettes make their clothes trendy but yet couture and unique. As people who love clothes, you guys will agree with me that there are few better feelings than the one you get when you score an amazing piece of clothing. Even better, when people ask you where it's from when you go out. That's exactly what this wolf print shirt was. Everywhere I went people wanted to know where I got it. That's when you know you scored a gem :).

Outfit Details : Dress - Aimaan 

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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If you think of what has been the most popular trend off late,without a second thought its the 'off shoulder'.Ofcourse white sneakers come very close too.Its literally everywhere and on everyone.My absolute favorite(for now!!) The reason obviously is that its looks so chic and easy to pair too.Pair it with an edgy skirt for a cool brunch look or even with your fav pair of shorts if its gonna be an active day for you.Here i paired mine with these chic palazzos i got from necessary clothing.Enjoy the trend while it lasts,we sure are.Which i think is not too long before its gone

TOP-H AND M(oh!i was so determined to get this top,i think i went to 5 h&m's in 3 cities )


XOXO vin&teji


Everyone deals with the season change in their own way, some people pack up their coats and boots, some like to spring clean and some like to get a hair cut and have a makeover moment. My springtime ritual is to prep my closet for the warmer days. This is practically the best time to shop for summer. Most boutiques and brands stock up and it's like a fresh blossom of summer clothes everywhere. I love to wander around at this time of the year, discovering new neighborhoods and stores. On one such voyages i found this pretty "perfect for spring" wrap skirt at a vintage store.

Remember wearing wrap skirts in the 90's? My mom used to buy me so many of them but I used to hate them at that time. I guess I was just such a big tom boy. But, I must say I rediscovered their beauty. They are so easy breezy and versatile, perfect even as a beach cover. This one, I found at a vintage store in east village and to keep it simple, I paired it with a cotton tee from Brandy Melville. Do you guys prep your closets for spring summer like me? Let me know in the comments. XOXO.

Outfit Details : Skirt - AuH20 Vintage | T-shirt - brandy melville

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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If you guys have been following me on my Instagram handle @vinitapenmatsa , you know I've been obsessed with vintage clothes lately ( posts here and here). I was always a non believer in the ability to find wearable / trendy pieces from the sea of clothes in every flea market. But I was obviously wrong! In the first three minutes of sifting through the 10$ bin at Brooklyn Junk, I found three pieces that I know I would wear the hell out of this entire summer. I guess it's more to do with luck... Sometimes patience and an eye for the right pieces.

This breezy summer dress, which had a reformation-ish vibe (link to the store here ) was like love at first sight (it was 8$). I wore it at-least five times already this summer! For a bbq party, for a lounge day when i had friends over and even as a cover up when I was in Tuscany (Italy). I can't get enough of it! I paired it with my staple converse sneaker for a casual brunch day in the city. Stay tuned for more vintage finds and a guide to vintage stores in the city.

Outfit Details: Dress - Junk Brooklyn | Sneakers - Converse.

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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I'm the one who always thought minimalism means boring. No Prints and No color read No fun to me. I always wondered how a category of women, whom I call the "Minimalists" always dress in white , black and Navy and still look like a million bucks. And so i challenged myself to be one of them for a day , this is what I learnt.

Confidence is Key - One thing i've noticed about all these women , they walk like they don't care who rules the world. Attitude and confidence adds to your look. P.S. a bright red lip too.

Shapes and cuts Matter - They might look like simple at first glance , but on careful inspection what really makes an impact is the clever cuts and unique construction of the pieces they wear. Makes you want to be one of them.

Invest in quality basics - Can't stress enough on this , one style mantra they all swear by. Invest in great basic pieces , sculptural black cotton tops and Japanese trousers.

Since I wasn't one who invests a ton on basics , I pulled out a few favorite pieces i wear to work and tried to put them together. The vest is from Mango , for the shirt I just took a basic white formal shirt I always wear to work and cut out the sleeves and the skirt is an old one from topshop. Let me know how I fared in the comments below.

Outfit Details : Vest - Mango ( similar here ) | Skirt - Topshop | White Shirt - Old formal shirt for which i cut off the sleeves | shoes - Converse

More Acts OF Minimalism

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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It's that time of the year guys...when all the rooftop brunch spots open up in the city, when spring is in full bloom, when outdoor patios are cluttered with people and all the fashionable women in New York City gather to show off their spring / summer collection. Its my favorite time of the year!

All through the winter I stock up on dresses, just because I cant resist but buy when I see a great one but obviously can't wear it till the weather gets warmer. This red one is one of them. Perfect for a brunch event . Flowy, romantic and a color that wont go unnoticed. I got this dress a few months ago from Zara and the shoes you guys have seen before. They are from Mod Parade Singapore and you can tell how obsessed I am with them :).

So what are you waiting for girls, go get your Mimosas.....get partying and stay stylish. 


Outfit Details : Dress  - Zara ( similar here ) | Shoes - ModParade

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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How do you look like a million bucks on a lazy Sunday when you are not in the mood to plan your outfit and dress up? Just pull your favorite basics in each department and pair them together , it always works and looks put together.  

Thats what i did with this basic turtle neck that i got from Zara early last winter , it was literally my goto piece all winter. I paired it with this flowy wave print skirt i got from aliexpress. Sticking to basics i kept everything neutral with the black kitten heels ( got them from h&m on sale for just 7$). And added my funky Lego clutch to it. 

So excuses for not dressing up , invest in basics and there is not a single bad dressed day in your life.

Outfit Details : Grey Turtleneck : Zara  ( similar here ) | Pleated Skirt : Aliexpress | BLack kitten Heels : H&M


Hi Guys, I know we've been MIA for a few weeks now and have been getting a lot of questions from followers. I'm honestly overwhelmed to see how many of you guys are waiting for our posts every Saturday :). so here I am and we promise to be regular from now. We have exciting posts coming up this summer so we cant wait.

We guys have been lusting for all the Gucci looks we've been spotting on the runways and on fashionistas. Love the flirty metallic pleated skirts with mis-matched shirts and neck embellishments, frilly victorian blouses and silk georgette dresses. Ever since Alessandro Michele has taken over, the perception of the brand has moved from lukewarm to straight up fanaticism. 

So we tried our hands at re-creating the gucci look and I must say we had so much fun with it! The skirt we found at topshop, but pretty much most of the high street brands are housing pleated skirts this season. If you haven't got one yet you need to rush. This shirt I thought shouts out Gucci because of the color palette and the pattern. And the shoes are from Mod-parade Singapore. To recreate the neck piece I went to Mood (our local fabric store ) and got a flower embellishment and attached it to a bow I made out of black ribbon. I added my old nerd glasses which we saw a lot on the runway. Let us know if you thought we did a good job or not.

Outfit Details : Skirt - Topshop ( similar here ) | Shirt - ASOS | Shoes - Modparade 

GUCCI Looks Off The Runway


I have been wanting to wear this skirt for a while now,especially since i got it diy'd with the cutest PU stickers(#1 in the list of new obsessions).It was one of those pleasant winter days,and dangg! comes out my skirt.I was heading out for lunch with my buddies.I paired it with a ribbed turtle neck top and keeping in mind it is STILL winter i carried this over-sized woollen  scarf with me.By evening it got a bit chilly and this scarf felt like it was so literally just born for me. 

skirt-neccessary clothingtop-zara  scarf-zara  clutch-asos  PU stickers-in many fashion stores 


India trip is always fun and interesting in so many ways , every year i go to Hyderabad i am surprised by how fast things are changing . I love driving around and  trying all the new food joints , coffee shops and hangout spots and i am never disappointed with what the city has to offer each year. Also its quite challenging to edit my outfits to fit the bill over here. For a casual day out i picked this multicolored abstract midi skirt and muted it out with a classic blue button down. For accessories i added a Charles + Kieth red baguette and shades both from my Singapore trip. And excuse me for the poor choice of footwear , just wasn't  in the mood for heels.

P.S : Big thanks to Team CLICKOHOLIC for the great pictures.

Outfit Details: Skirt - ASOS | Button Down - H&M | Shades - ModParade Singapore | Bag - Charles & Kieth

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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Separates / Matching sets are the first thing i look out for when i visit a new website. For me they make dressing up in the morning a no brainer, easiest way to look cool and put together. All you have to do is slip into a pair of matching separates and you are good to go. These minion printed separates up the game a tad bit more simply because of how cute the print looks. Scroll down for more separate looks.

Here's another monochromatic version i wore a couple of years back.

P.S : Big shoutout to team CLICKOHOLIC for the amazing pictures

Outfit Details: Matching Separates - Quirkbox | parka - Choies 

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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How do we guys shop when we travel? Most people I know ( including me sometimes ) regret buying things while traveling. For the lack of time, patience and information about local and unique shopping neighborhoods we often end up shopping at areas most talked about and written about on trip advisor. And then there is that additional pressure to buy something. I mean we all want to tell our friends - "That's from when I was vacationing in Singapore ;)". So we end up buying things that we would never wear or could find for much cheaper back home. Here are my tricks and tips to shop abroad like a pro.

  1. Do Your research before you get there  - Google for local designers and boutiques and make a pinterest board. Enable maps to your board so u don't have to keep checking for the locations while your are roaming around. Most of them have websites, so go check them out and narrow down the ones that fit your style.
  2. Ask the locals for flea markets - Most cities, especially asian ones have flea markets and wholesale clothing stores that sell trendy clothes for really cheap. Ask the locals for these type of places cause you might not find them on google.
  3. Look for brands that originated there - Brands sell for much cheaper at their headquarters. Zara clothes are much much cheaper in Spain when compared to USA. Charles and Keith was founded by two Singaporeans and the prices there were cheaper and the collection was really good! So take advantage shopping for such brands.
  4. Be smart about your shopping itinerary - Shopping on vacations can be exhausting and time consuming. You might have a ton of things planned, so mark places you want to visit on google maps and star them. This way when you are exploring a neighborhood you can check if there are any starred places close by so you can cover them while you are there. This saves a lot of time.
  5. Do not fall for tourist traps - Avoid the typical and touristy shopping malls and when you are buying something, if you cannot image in your head how/what you would wear it with...never buy it.

For my outfit there, I paired this fun denim maxi skirt with a plain white t-shirt and metallic heels. The LOL clutch I got at the airport from charles & kieth for just 26 USD :). I was carrying it throughout my trip and was obsessed with it :). 

Outfit Details : Skirt - StyleNanda | T-shirt - H&M | Shoes - ASOS


Its an outfit thats made out of dreams.The nude skirt with tassels is so lovely that anyone would instantly wanna own it.Archana Rao Label comes up with another amazing outfit that transitions easily into either resort-wear with a dressy top,like the shirt with sheer panel i wore here or a casual outfit that you can wear with a simple t-shirt or a even a plain black tank top(Not as weird as it sounds.Try the combo and you'll sure love it).

My last post was actually supposed to be short,but this one ended up being short.Life is so unpredictable right!?

skirt and shirt - archanaraolabel (available at



This time around I wanna keep it totally short(not a promise though :p) and let the most beautiful outfit by uber chic label 'Archana Rao' speak for itself.If you are to ask me I'd say she's one of the most talented Parsons NewYork graduates.

For a resort look during a pleasant sunny day,I teamed this extremely well fitted military green dress with my fav oversized floral jacket.Only to complement the outfit did I find these hottest pair of shocking pink shoes from Charles and Keith during the Dubai shopping festival.Yes,it's the place to be all you shopoholics.

(Our tip:For an evening look,we'd go for a longer dress and try to keep the outerwear light)  



Accessorize much? That's what I do when I want to play up a simple outfit. It always works. Put together a simple outfit by pulling out a couple of basics from your closet and add all your current favorite accessories to it. Statement bags, statement shoes, chunky necklaces, bold earrings and the list never ends. 

For this one, I pulled out my favorite grey sweater and paired it with this metallic grey skirt to keep the outfit neutral and in shades of grey. And here's the fun part! To elevate the outfit I added my current favorite 3D bag and a bright pair of sneakers from "word to the woman" by puma (my current favorite sneakers and they have them in such cute colors ... I wanna get them all !! ).

Outfit Details : Sweater - My Own ( Old ) | Skirt - River Island | Sneakers - Word To The Woman By Puma | Bag - Jump From Paper

XOXO - Vin 

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Ribbed Knits have become a major fashion must have pieces for fall winter 2015-2016. What laid my eyes on them to start with was the Stella McCartney Fall/ Winter collection. This asymmetric ribbed knit maxi was my favorite of them all. Inspired by the asymmetric hemlines I got this extremely affordable version from Nasty Gal. The simple cut made it look elegant and feminine and i must say i felt rather Kim K Ishhh wearing it :). I paired it with a neutral snakeskin heels to let the dress do all the talking.

Outfit Details: Dress - NastyGal | Snakeskin Heels - Asos

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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