We , like most of you girls out there have an expensive taste but a tiny wallet. Every season, when we see an amazing dress by Stella McCartney or a delicious shoe by MIU MIU do the rounds at fashion week , our heart melts. What do we do? We either find cheaper options or try to make it ourselves.  

It was love at first sight when we saw these ruffled MIU MIU shirts on the runway during FALL/WINTER 2015. For a little while we sulked about not being able to afford them. And then suddenly i thought, what if i made it myself??

I ordered a couple of the same shirts under 20$ each , ripped off the fabric from one to make the ruffles and stitched it on to the other shirt. I have to admit , I am not an excellent seamstress. I often got impatient in the process, but managed to get the ruffles right. Which makes me confident u guys can nail it too. Let us know in the comments below if you guys would like a step-by-step guide for the DIY.

To compliment the femininity of the ruffles, we paired the shirts with a pair of boyfriend jeans and high heels. 

Vin's Outfit : Boyfriend Jeans : Urban Outfitters | Heels : Asos | Shirt : DIY'ed

Teji's Outfit : Boyfriend Jeans : Zara | Heels : Aldo | Shirt DIY'ed

XOXO Vin  & Teji

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