You guys like "what's in my bag" posts?? we sure love them. Don't they give u a zillion ideas and tips about cool things to carry while traveling, beauty essential to go from day to night, and a bunch of cute things to have in general?? We recently watched Karlie Kloss's "what's in my bag" video on youtube and we love how she carries this small journal / notebook to jot down ideas for her youtube videos . We are so going to steal that from her to write our blogpost ideas. ( P.S. we <3 <3 <3 Karlie...HOTNESS!!....Follow her channel here). 

Today however, is our turn to spill the contents of our bag ( Vin's Bag ) for you guys , here we go..

  1. First things first, smartphones. I almost feel like I'm missing a limb when i don't have mine. I have no idea why i just have my blackberry in this pic, but usually i carry both my blackberry and my iPhone with me.
  2. Beauty Essentials , a Chanel mini mascara and a Chanel Red lipstick. I Love carrying a bright lip color always. Just in case i need to hit a bar or have dinner plans. It instantly transforms my look from day to night. And the Cute owl shaped lip balm is from Forever21.
  3. A hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn that's super duper smooth and keeps my hands moisturized during winter.
  4. Dior's nude skin compact that works like magic.
  5. I Love having something sweet in my bag. Those really yummy rose drops Teji got for me from Paris.
  6. If you live in New York City you always wanna carry some cash for emergency and in case u wanna munch on the yummy street food. Also obviously a subway card and credit cards.
  7. My favorite pair of sunglasses . Really into flashy ones these days.
  8. Home keys.
  9. Always like having a book handy for those unexpected subway delays.That Grace Coddington book is a must read. She is such an inspiration, I'm almost done reading it. ( I know the world has moved on to kindle but i still love colourful hardcover books, they double up as home decor :). )
  10. I Love collecting nice looking cards from various stores and bakeries. Those ones are from zara and a really cool coffee place next to my house called WHOOPS!. Check it out if u ever happen to be in NYC.
  11. That WTF Sticker was a gift from my friend Alex. Has been in my bag ever since :).
  12. Finally a cactus to glam it up. (P.S. I obviously don't carry it in  my bag ;) , just added it for the pic).

XOXO - Vin & Teji

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