How do we guys shop when we travel? Most people I know ( including me sometimes ) regret buying things while traveling. For the lack of time, patience and information about local and unique shopping neighborhoods we often end up shopping at areas most talked about and written about on trip advisor. And then there is that additional pressure to buy something. I mean we all want to tell our friends - "That's from when I was vacationing in Singapore ;)". So we end up buying things that we would never wear or could find for much cheaper back home. Here are my tricks and tips to shop abroad like a pro.

  1. Do Your research before you get there  - Google for local designers and boutiques and make a pinterest board. Enable maps to your board so u don't have to keep checking for the locations while your are roaming around. Most of them have websites, so go check them out and narrow down the ones that fit your style.
  2. Ask the locals for flea markets - Most cities, especially asian ones have flea markets and wholesale clothing stores that sell trendy clothes for really cheap. Ask the locals for these type of places cause you might not find them on google.
  3. Look for brands that originated there - Brands sell for much cheaper at their headquarters. Zara clothes are much much cheaper in Spain when compared to USA. Charles and Keith was founded by two Singaporeans and the prices there were cheaper and the collection was really good! So take advantage shopping for such brands.
  4. Be smart about your shopping itinerary - Shopping on vacations can be exhausting and time consuming. You might have a ton of things planned, so mark places you want to visit on google maps and star them. This way when you are exploring a neighborhood you can check if there are any starred places close by so you can cover them while you are there. This saves a lot of time.
  5. Do not fall for tourist traps - Avoid the typical and touristy shopping malls and when you are buying something, if you cannot image in your head how/what you would wear it with...never buy it.

For my outfit there, I paired this fun denim maxi skirt with a plain white t-shirt and metallic heels. The LOL clutch I got at the airport from charles & kieth for just 26 USD :). I was carrying it throughout my trip and was obsessed with it :). 

Outfit Details : Skirt - StyleNanda | T-shirt - H&M | Shoes - ASOS