Hi Guys, I know we've been MIA for a few weeks now and have been getting a lot of questions from followers. I'm honestly overwhelmed to see how many of you guys are waiting for our posts every Saturday :). so here I am and we promise to be regular from now. We have exciting posts coming up this summer so we cant wait.

We guys have been lusting for all the Gucci looks we've been spotting on the runways and on fashionistas. Love the flirty metallic pleated skirts with mis-matched shirts and neck embellishments, frilly victorian blouses and silk georgette dresses. Ever since Alessandro Michele has taken over, the perception of the brand has moved from lukewarm to straight up fanaticism. 

So we tried our hands at re-creating the gucci look and I must say we had so much fun with it! The skirt we found at topshop, but pretty much most of the high street brands are housing pleated skirts this season. If you haven't got one yet you need to rush. This shirt I thought shouts out Gucci because of the color palette and the pattern. And the shoes are from Mod-parade Singapore. To recreate the neck piece I went to Mood (our local fabric store ) and got a flower embellishment and attached it to a bow I made out of black ribbon. I added my old nerd glasses which we saw a lot on the runway. Let us know if you thought we did a good job or not.

Outfit Details : Skirt - Topshop ( similar here ) | Shirt - ASOS | Shoes - Modparade 

GUCCI Looks Off The Runway