Planning to open up a restaurant ? Launching a retail space ? Promoting your brand / business ? Well, do we really care about how good the food is and what you are selling? Just give us a pretty Insta wall and we will show up. 

From Refinery29's 29 Rooms event held in Brooklyn last September which had Insta fans waiting for over six hours, To the Ice cream museum that sold out tickets for the entire month in record time , Multiple deliciously insta-worthy art installations , walls and spaces have proven to be tremendously successful in drawing unmanageable crowds. After visiting a bunch of these insta-famous brunch places , night clubs and pop ups i kept wondering. Is Insta art replacing the "i don't get it" museums? is it a new avenue for young and talented artists? Or is it just a way to psyche us into thinking "that Matcha latte was delicious" , when in reality i dint really care about the latte but what i loved was how cool my instagram post was.

Either ways instagram in a cool way has replaced a bunch of different apps on my iphone. wondering how? Well , i don't really use yelp anymore to scroll through endless and irrelevant list of restaurants for dinner plans. When i find something delicious on instagram i just pin it. I dont really use Trip advisor for traveling , i just go to my favorite travel/ traveller accounts on instagram and narrow down by location. I don't really spend endless hours browsing through clothing websites to find the perfect outfit. I just find them on insta and inbox the brands. But i'm not sure if this has made my life simpler or has me obsessed over my glamorous never ending Instagram feed. You guys have similar thoughts? let me know in the comments below :).

Outfit details : Skirt - vintage from AuH20 , Plain white Tee - Brandy Melville

An Insta wall in Elvis Guesthouse bar

Museum of ice cream:

29 Rooms event - Brooklyn