While putting this outfit together, these thoughts struck me...

Building your closet is like, writing your memoir. It's a gradual process... you go through it one page at a time. At any point in time, it reflects your state of mind and phase in life. It grows in size and feels more complete as you age. Occasionally, you would want to go back and visit the past, and when you do that, you either cringe with embarrassment or have a moment of joy and nostalgia. You want to cherish those good things and bring them back to present. In the end you want it to be full of surprises and worthy of passing on to your kids. Sounds deep huh :).

Earlier in life I used to think of my wardrobe one outfit at a time. When I bought a new dress / pants / skirt, I always had this compulsion to buy other things that completed them. Like a pair of shoes that look perfect with that dress, a top that matched or an accessory that goes with it. And then, those impulsive buys would lie around for years in my closet unattended and unworn. Over the years, I realized that this is not sustainable. Often times, it leads to buying things that are mediocre. Gradually, I progressed to buying everything in isolation, and when you do that, you only buy something because you absolutely love it and eventually it does fit in and you will find ways to wear it, mix and match and wear it over and over again. 

Why did I realize this now? I mean, look at this outfit. I was walking around somewhere in lower east side and bumped into this colorful store that sold men's T-shirts (you know I lovee menswear ;) ). I picked up this shirt for $20. And that's it! In my mind, I knew what I'd wear it with. I rushed home just to put everything together and see if it looked the way I imagined it. And it was exactly that! The white sandals are from four years ago when white footwear was a thing, the pastel purple socks are from my ever growing collection of quirky, colorful pairs of socks, and my staple mom jeans.. I picked up on my trip to London. What it really costed to put this outfit together... $20$!

Moral of the story, think long term and build your style. Buy things you absolutely love! Don't buy things that would go with your recent purchases. Because then, you end up buying mediocre items which you will never wear again after the first time.

Also BTW... Try popping some color this summer, marry the purples with yellow, greens with red, pinks with blue...have fun!! Keep checking in for more posts :).