I confess... I'm guilty of One-time wearing and I often feel bad about it. Specially, at a time when everybody is talking about sustainability in the clothing industry. I guess it's a side-effect of coming of age in this era of social media and fast-fashion. You buy one top, wear it once, check it off your list and move on to the next trend.

Going through all the outfits in my closet, I realised, it can't be that difficult to repeat outfits in a way that fools your friends into making them think that you've worn something new this time around. All it takes is some creative stimulation! I mean...I claim to be a fashion blogger, I bloody well be good at juxtaposing alternative things to create cohesive outfits! I don't think I'm doing that to an extent that I want to. So, I decided to challenge myself.

I wanted to create this series and call it "Confessions of a serial one-time wearer", where I take one thing in my closet each time and switch it up completely to make it look brand new the second time around.

I started off with this strappy satin dress... it's a typical date night number. I wore it the first time with an up-do and some dressy, sparkly earrings. That's what all of us would usually gravitate to. But it's summer, and I need an outfit a day! How do I repurpose this without breaking the bank ...?  I took the evening look and added the first two things that signify casual to make it a day look - a plaid shirt and a classic pair of converse shoes. BAMM...I just love how the way it turned out! Let me know how you guys liked it and give me more ideas to try if you have any.