Is that even a thing? Do you guys feel it? Come summer Friday, I have this heightened fear of missing out on everything. Rooftops, barbecues, beaches or generally being frolic during the summer. And social media is effing not helping, I feel like come summer, it turns into a fire hydrant oozing photogenic moments of all kinds. 

For me, this fear also permeates into shopping habits. At the beginning of every summer, my mind is wandering around a thousand different online clothing stores, with a mission to find the right pieces to wear while the sun is out. It's a bit of a mess! But unlike the former, this type of FOMO always has a good outcome. This is the time I discover gems! I discover all the new stores that have probably popped up within the past year, selling the most refreshing, well made yet affordable clothes. 

OLIO stories is one of those this year. Founded by friends, they make the most youthful, graphic and contemporary pieces of clothing. what do I love about them? They come up with bite sized collections every four or five months. The clothes are affordable enough to catch up with the rate at which they bring in new collections. What more do we girls need?? I have more coming up from them, so keep checking in :)

Outfit Details: Dress - Olio Stories | Sandals - Forever 21