Italy Travel Guide : Milan + Lake Como

Someone had once told me that there are 4 types of travellers one typically comes across
1. The Control freak.
2. The Social Network star
3. The Lives-to-eat
4. The Party Animal

I am totally the control freak , sleeping on a vacation is almost inconceivable to me. Im the one who needs all the documentation done,  decides where i'm going for breakfast, lunch and dinner , hunts for chic places on Instagram and Pinterest , stars them on google and plans an optimal route around them. I need a jam packed itinerary and i leave no stone unturned. Or rather i leave no place un-visited. The downside of this though is that i often crash from exhaustion and i need a vacation from my vacation ;). However i find out about all the cool places that trip advisor would never tell you about. So here's my journey through Italy just in case you guys are looking for more inspiration to plan your next trip. (Since there was no way i could fit everything into one i divided them into 3 posts , stay tuned for more next week )

Milan: The women in Milan kind of set new standards for me. Everybody was so impeccably dressed it almost felt like they woke up from bed looking so stylish. Rightly called the fashion capitol. We were here only for a few hours on the day we landed and on our last day when we left for New York. But i did manage to check off all the things on my list.

Don't miss aperitivo while you are here , its a quintessential Milanese experience. It's their version of a happy hour. From 6 - 9 pm everyday you get unlimited appetizers with any drink and these hours are brimming with locals. Also Don't miss canal district , has a stretch of cool and affordable bars and breathtaking views of the sunset. 

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Must Visit : 

  • Piazza Del Duomo
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ||
  • Brera Area
  • Fondazione prada - Modern Art Museum right next to Bar Luce
  • Navigli District - must go for sunset and drinks , this where the young kids hussle
  • Corso Como - for night life
  • Via Torino , Corsa Buenos Aries and Corso Como - for shopping


  • Luini at Via Santa Radegonda , 16 , Milan Italy - Iconic street food joint - Must Try
  • Bar Luce - Cocktails + Coffee + Cafe
  • Le Biciclette - Once a bicycle store converted into a chic coffee shop
  • Un Posto A Milano - Local place for amazing food


  • 10 Corso Como - Lovely place for a cocktails - also has Milanese Dover Street Market inside.
  • Corso Como - This Entire Street is filled with cool bars for Aperitivo
  • Bar Brera - If you are in the Brera area this is a good place for cocktails
  • Noor - Great Hookah
  • Roi Alto - Best Aperitivo

Lake Como :  Driving around Italy was quite interesting. You can could really be transported from a cosmopolitan bustling city to picturesque snow peaks in about 30 minutes. This natural paradise which was in news recently for George Clooney's famous hideaway and is a bunch of medieval stone villages located around the lake. Opulent Villas , Lakeside estates , Scenic vineyards , alpine Peaks this place has it all for perfect vacation.

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Must Do:

  • Go Village Hopping on the water taxi.( Most common transportation in this area )
  • Go Shopping in Bellagio
  • Visit their Opulent Villas 
  • Cross the border and visit Switzerland for sunrise / sunset ( best experience in this trip )
  • Visit one of the churches - Each village has their own
  • Try the wine - Its one of the world's best.

To Eat:

  • Hotel Villa Cipressi - Varenna
  • Trattoria San Giacomo - Bellagio
  • Tower of Barbarossa - The airbnb we lived in.